NUWC Tech Director and CO Recognize UTAP 2014

The following message was sent by Mary Wohlgemuth, NUWCDIVNPT, Technical Director


From: Wohlgemuth, Mary S CIV SES NUWCDIVNPT Sent: Friday, August 08, 201412:03 PM

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Subject: Undersea Technology Apprentice Program Earns Local Recognition

Congratulations to the Division Newport Educational Outreach Program for earning some well-deserved recognition from the local Newport Daily News for our very successful Undersea Technology Apprentice Program.  In the past month, while most of us have enjoyed a vacation or have been busy executing important tasking for the fleet, a whole new generation of scientists and engineers has been cultivated through meaningful hands-on learning at Building 80.

Thanks to the dedication of the Division Newport Educational Outreach Program Manager, Candie Desjardins, Code 1012, and her team of employee volunteers, and support from the Undersea Science and Engineering Foundation, approximately 75 high school students have learned new technical skills.  Working in teams, the students learn first-hand how to build a submersible robot, while acquiring novel scientific and technical concepts that they can apply in their everyday lives now and in the future.  Not only do the students gain technical experience, they also learn skills in designing, planning and budgeting for their robot’s construction.

Students from each of Aquidneck Island’s public high schools are in UTAP this summer, as well as a student from Attleboro, Mass.  Some of the positive comments from the UTAP participants include:

“My dad is an engineer and it’s really cool to learn more about what he does. I could definitely see myself doing something in the field when I get older.”

“I didn’t know that much about engineering before I started, but I was always interested. There aren’t too many girls in the program and it’s been a lot of fun, learning all about what goes into it. I’ve told all my friends about it and how much I’ve learned.”

The Educational Outreach Program operates year-round, and during the school year offers a variety of hands-on learning opportunities to students, with programs such as in-classroom programs, after-school Science and Engineering Clubs and UTAP.  Over the past year, Division Newport’s EOP reached out to more than 5,000 students.

Congratulations to all on your achievements in reaching the next generation of our workforce.